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Look. I just came across — pun not intended — a case from my own country. A horny slut has had consensual sex with dozens of soldiers and civilians since she was 11, and has been saying all along that the sex was absolutely consensual. She lied to the soldiers/civilians and told them that she was 16 and a half. Because she told them that, ultimately nobody went to jail.

It happened in 2006; the articles are in Hebrew.

You see, friends. I want to abolish the AOC, because there is no need for it at all. Biologically, the female vagina can take-in a dick since the age of 7, according to Mark Twain and according to the lowest AOC in America ever: 7, in Delaware, 1880.

In terms of desire, we see again and again that girls develop some degree of a sex-drive at age 8, and by age 10 are — more often than most people realize — fully sexual entities.

The only argument the Blue Knights have left is “she is not mature enough.” But who defines “maturity,” who can tell when “immaturity” ends and “maturity” begins, and why is “maturity” even required for sex? Sex, like the need to eat or to sleep, is a mental-biological need. And I believe that teens can make “adult” decisions because the fact of the matter is that they make such decisions. In my view, when a girl or a teenager willingly decides to have sex, that ipso facto proves that she is capable of making the decision to have sex.

“Oh, but she does not know what she is doing” says the Blue Knight.

First, most so-called “adults” have no idea what they are doing. Especially women; they have no more clue what they are doing at age 30 than at age 10. Perhaps the AOC should be raised to menopause, like 50 or something. That seems to be the Puritan-Feminist end-goal, as raising the AOC to menopause may practically ensure the death of the human species. Although there can be insemination without sexual relations, which is something that the lesbians are very fond of…

Anyway, the second thing is that the modern state of affairs is wholly — and I mean wholly — artificial. Back in the day, people gave teenagers (and even “children,” meaning those younger than 10) “adult” responsibilities, had “adult” expectations of them, and yes, allowed them to have an “adult” kind of life. And young people adapted to it; young people were “adults” when they were given “adult” responsibilities and had “adult” liberties. They functioned perfectly well that way. There is no evidence that teenagers failed to live full, complete lives. They succeeded in doing that.

If 11-year-old females today don’t know what they are doing — and given the fact that they willingly choose to have sex, and indeed, even go around and initiate sex with dozens of different men; in this case, the teenager even lied and said that she was 16 and a half, exactly because she knew that the AOC here is 16 — that can only be because society is hard at work infantilizing them and hiding sex and the “adult” life away from them. In a sex-positive society, this case would not have been investigating by the police at all. If a horny 11-year-old slut wants to seduce dozens of different men in different places (because she is horny and needs sex), why should society prevent that?

Preventing teenagers from having sex is preventing extremely horny people from having sex, just when they most desperately and intensely need it. That’s what modern victimization-obsessed over-protective society does. We need a moral revolution!

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