The thing about having so many enemies is that you sometimes lose track of who is the source of your problems and who only works to exacerbate the problems.

Clearly, the tricky spooks are using pedohysteria to advance the interests of the totalitarian state and its surveillance apparatus. They want society to become an Orwellian Panopticon, and they want to have as many pretexts as possible to control and socially engineer the population as they see fit. You better start believing in PSYOPs – you’re in one. Really though, the “child molester” menace, just like other menaces that are shoved down our throats, is a bogeyman. Pizzagate is an internet black-op through and through.

Nevertheless, it’s not primarily the spooks who are the problem. Let’s examine the US. When the NBCI (predecessor of the FBI) opened in 1897, the AOC had already been rising very high in most of the US, and fertility had already been declining. The OSS (predecessor of the CIA) was only established in 1942. Blaming them for creating the shitty situation that American society is in is pointless. The rot began much earlier, chronologically. The problem is the prevalent puritan-feminist morality in the entire Western World, which has been a sick kind of morality for several centuries.

Let me note, by the way, that it’s not just the Anglosphere that is the problem. Indeed, the AOC in Prussian Germany was 14 at a time when most American States had it at 10. Now, I still believe that it’s generally true that puritanism-feminism radiates from the Anglosphere. But other regions had it too. European morality ever since the Enlightenment has been altogether unnatural, out of sync with the human condition. Even before the Enlightenment (which, lest we forget, did not occur in a vacuum), the European fixation with “chivalry” and with other gynocentric notions had been chipping away at male interests.

And no, the problem is not confined to Europeans. About a month ago, I witnessed up-close the case of a Central-Asian man applying bold-faced and outright violent discrimination against another man in favor of a woman, only because the man he discriminated against was a man and the woman he gave preferential treatment to was a woman. I won’t recount the details here, but it was a striking example of violent chivalry, committed by a non-European bully. You see – White Knightism is a disease that the entire human species suffers from. It’s an omnipresent moral defect that refuses to go away.

What the Progressive Pedos (we call them “LGBTPs”) don’t understand is that in order to defeat Blue Knightism — which, if any newcomer happens to be reading this blog, means the ‘protection’ of children from sexuality and from various stuff — White Knightism (you don’t need me to explain that concept to you) has to be defeated as well. You really can’t defeat the one as long as the other remains. Both BK-ism and WK-ism must go away – or both will stay forever.

That is the issue with some of those who call me “misogynist.” Do you want to worship women? Do you support any kind of preferential treatment for women? If so, then you are the problem. So far, the pedo community has been losing pathetically again and again, because it did not even attempt to help-out regular men against the puritan-feminist assaults against us. Let me be blunt:

You know what your problem is, old-school pedo-activist? Your problem is that you have never even considered forming an alliance with regular men who are screwed-over by the gynocentric world we live in. If the pedo community was smart enough to figure-out on its own that it needs the support of normal heterosexual men in order to achieve results, it could probably have achieved some awesome things. You have achieved nothing because you are disconnected from the tremendous pain that men in-general suffer from. You care exclusively about a single issue while missing the big picture.

I will start a new series, either here or in another blog, showing that each of the mass shooters/bombers of recent years had a sexless childhood and a sexless teenage-hood. Why isn’t the pedo community talking about it? Why is it that the people discussing this issue are almost always men like Eivind Berge — who is not a pedophile — rather than the people who should be talking about it i.e. actual pedos? This is constructive criticism here. Pedo-advocacy without fierce anti-Feminism is doomed to fail.

Anyway, that’s a big digression. The subject matter is that human morality in general, European morality in particular, and post-Enlightenment European morality in more particular, suffer from a severe flaw, that is becoming more and more severe as technology allows humanity to be liberated from gynocentrism and humanity refuses to do so. The people responsible for the current puritanism-feminism are not necessarily spooks, and it’s not just an Anglosphere phenomenon. The whole world is sick.

The world is twisted, as the Supreme Gentleman put it. I believe that Male Sexualism came into the world to solve the dire problem which Elliot Rodger identified. He correctly observed the gynocentric state-of-affairs in place all over the world, but he did not offer any realistic or healthy solution. Killing people is not the solution. The solution is instigating a total revolution of sexual morality by the effective use of propaganda. There is nothing else to do but that, currently.

If our message gains popularity among millions of people, the CIA, MI6, FSB, MSS, and Mossad may well relent to it. There aren’t that many spooks anyway, they don’t sincerely give a shit about issues of morality, and they are mostly busy false-flagging and deceiving each other as part of global warfare. If millions of people become Male Sexualists, the deep states of the world will not ‘die on the hill’ of resisting our message. Once they realize that they only stand to greatly economically benefit from the legalization of the pedonomy, they will allow the pedonomy to exist. As I said, teenage prostitutes will be much more in-demand than older ones, and ‘CP’ will be infinitely more popular (thus profitable) than regular pornography.

Right now, the British police investigates on average 17 cases of teenage sexting every single day. Seriously. After our revolution is done, they’ll investigate exactly 0 such cases each year. Being a bureaucracy full of lazy and cowardly people, they will try to resist Male Sexualism. But if people in Britain will support us, the police there will have to back off.

And eventually, there will be a fully Male Sexualist country somewhere in the world. In several decades, that will happen.

So, there it is. Instead of fighting against Anglosphere spooks, and instead of blaming them, I want to persuade the Anglosphere spooks. That is a Moldbuggian line-of-thought. And the mass persuasion of the public, too, will occur.

We will win this war of ideas.