Imagine the following, if you will. Just a thought-experiment.

You are living in an Islamic country in which consumption of pork and alcohol is forbidden by the law of the state, which is Sharia law. You wish that you could eat pork and drink booze, but you know that you shouldn’t do so because you may end-up in jail or worse. You think that pork and alcohol are great things, and deeply resent the laws against them.

Then, out of the blue, comes along a group of people who all make a very weird and bizarre claim: “I, too, wish to gobble up lots of bacon, and finish up the meal by gulping down a full glass of delicious stout – indeed, there is nothing I’d like to do more than that; however, I recognize that both bacon and beer come from directly Lucifer himself, so I refuse to do so.”

How would you feel about people making this argument? Would you believe that they are sincere, or would you assume that they are, in fact, simply agents of the Sharia system sent to create a controlled opposition movement in order to preserve the Sharia system? Reflect for a moment on that one.

See: that, in a nutshell, is the issue with the “Virtuous Pedophiles” aka the “Virpeds.” These people are the complete opposite of Male Sexualists. Whereas we Male Sexualists seek to absolutely abolish the evil laws set by the puritan-feminist system, the Virpeds — in as stark a contrast to us as conceivable — absolutely affirm the reigning puritan-feminist morality and seek to enshrine it in place forever.

By posing as “fellow pedophiles” while, at the same time, denouncing all sexual relations with young people as immoral and evil, the Virpeds simply assert that the puritan-feminist legislation which criminalizes male sexuality, criminalizes young sexuality, and criminalizes general sexuality, is actually a “good and noble” kind of legislation, because apparently sex with young people is just “not virtuous.”

This is what their website says about them:

A website intended to reduce the stigma attached to pedophilia by letting people know that a substantial number of pedophiles DO NOT molest children.

Basically, these are people who claim to be pedophiles and who propagate Blue Knightism by defining all sexual relations with “children” as “molestation.” When we, Male Sexualists, call for the abolition (or the significant lowering) of the AOC, these Virpeds would come out and defend the very system that criminalizes male and young sexuality. They want to keep the AOC in place and they spend their time vocally denouncing any person who transgresses against the AOC as a “molester.”

Their official Twitter says:

We are pedophiles against adult- child sex. We support each other in that goal.

Come the fuck on. If you actually have examined the issue, you would know that young people (“children”) are not harmed or victimized by sexuality. So why on Earth would you, supposedly a pedophile, be opposed to sexual relations with young people? Why do you parrot the narrative concocted by the very system that criminalizes your healthy sexuality? Very perplexing and odd.

Except that it’s not so perplexing or odd to one, such as myself, who realizes that the Virpeds are Fakepeds. They are a trap. They support the criminalization of male sexuality and the criminalization of ‘CP,’ because they are not what they claim they are – they have an ulterior agenda, which is to protect the system by co-opting the pedo community itself. That’s what they do by denouncing young sexuality, such as young sex and young pornography. They are servants of the system.

They want pedophiles — or “pedophiles” — to stop questioning or otherwise opposing the laws which criminalize sexuality, and to instead start supporting those laws. While we Male Sexualists are doing all in our power to explain as clearly as possible the various manners in which the current status-quo is horrible, the Virpeds are invested in preserving the status-quo and shielding it from any meaningful critique.

The Virpeds want the AOC to remain at 16 or even to rise to 18. They want CP to remain strictly illegal. They want to severely punish the so-called “molesters.” They affirm the value-system set forth by puritans and feminists. They view ‘sexting’ between an “adult” (18+) and a “child” (18-) as literally an actual “molestation” of the latter by the former.

In other words: full-on servants of the system.

Now, it is not really my intention to create here a new “conspiracy theory.” Perhaps it is merely a “pure coincidence” that this strange Virped organization totally affirms and totally supports the morality and the rules of our enemies. But the point is, be their real origin or secret agenda as it may, the Virpeds are our ideological enemies. While we Male Sexualists fight to usher in mass awareness of how bad the anti-male and anti-sex system really is, the Virpeds tell the public the exact opposite – they proclaim that sexual relations with young people are nothing but “child abuse,” and pretend to be authentic pedophiles while doing so.

We offer firm opposition to the criminalization of male sexuality. They, on the other hand, enthusiastically support the criminalization of male sexuality. Their whole narrative is that “internal pedophilia itself may be okay, but don’t you dare to ever act on your sexuality – that is just pure evil.” According to them, a male teacher who is seduced into sex by his horny and slutty teenage student who has perky tits, a wet pussy, and a round ass, is just oh so “evil.” If you have a consensual, enthusiastic, and passionate romance with a young teen (who may or may not possess a splendid waist-to-hip ratio), you are a “vile molester,” according to both puritan-feminists and Virpeds.

This is blatant, in-your-face controlled opposition. The purpose of the Virpeds is to prevent the forces of puritanism-feminism from being ideologically undermined by people like us. Because that, essentially, is what we Male Sexualists do: we undermine the evil system and offer to replace it with an alternative, healthy, pro-male system. We don’t commit crimes or encourage others to commit crimes; but we do fight to absolutely abolish the laws themselves which oppress us, and we do so by reaching-out to both masses of people and — hopefully — to the intelligent elites of the nations of the world.

The Virpeds are 100% our enemies. As far as I am personally concerned, each and every individual who identifies as a Virped or as affiliated with the Virped movement is merely a shill on the government’s payroll. These are fake people. They aren’t legitimate and will never be legitimate. Don’t fall for this trap.

And there is probably more to add to this subject, but I’m tired, so, let’s leave it at that.