Everything I have believed in has been disproved, folks. I have been totally 100% defeated once and for all. While I may have convinced myself that I have a coherent and rational worldview, “Richard Darwin” has showed that I am a FRAUD. My weltanschauung has wholly collapsed into a pile of ideological rubble.

Here is his/her/xir comment:

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. According to pornhub the most popular form of porn in the UK, the USA, Canada Australia and New Zealand is MILF or mature porn, followed by lesbianism. Barely legal does not even come close. Educated people know that very young kids are unable consent in accordance with all legitimate sociological, psychological, medical and neurologiccal reseaerch ever done on the topic. which obviously excludes the Rind, Constantine and all the B4U act discreditted, debunked fraudulent bullshit.. Child porn is rape by proxy and anyone who watches it ought to be locked up.

Get it?

Tom Grauer — an utter, abject idiot, surely — has argued that, given that on pornography websites 18-year-olds are always more popular than 19-yeard-olds, and 19-year-olds always more popular than 20-year-olds, and 20-year-olds always more popular than 21-year-olds, and so on and so forth; and since in fact lots of ordinary “non-pedo” men believe that female beauty peaks at 16, it stands to reason that if CP were legal, it would be infinitely more popular than normal porn.

But “Richard Darwin” would have none of it. He/she/xir knows that, actually, men are more attracted to MILFs (women aged 30-45) than they are attracted to teenagers.

Case closed.

So, there ya go, dear friends. Mr. “Richard Darwin” has shown once and for all that Tom Grauer is simply a gibbering doofus who ain’t got no idea what the hell he’s even incoherently rambling about. I mean, we all know that men would rather fuck this:

Mom I’d (Not) Like to Fuck.

Than this:

This is a slut I grew up with. She showed me her boobs in elementary school.


The science is settled, then. Men are more attracted to 35-year-olds than to 17-year-olds.

Grauer should just shut the fuck up already with his perversion.

Oh, and did you catch the part where we learn that CP is “rape by proxy”? This is definitely the first time that I, your dumbass “leader,” have ever encountered this absolutely-rational-and-not-at-all-metaphysical-gibberish argument. Groundbreaking territory right there, “Richard Darwin.” You have totally showed me that I am just a clueless nincompoop with this winning and novel argument right there.

“Rape by proxy!”

(The header image is “suspected child abuse content,” according to Google. In other words: if you look at the image of the header, you literally commit a rape-by-proxy. Don’t you dare do that!)