Do you pedos even want to win this cultural war or do you just want to whine about how everyone unjustly demonizes you?

Yeah, you see. 80% of pedos would rather whine like little babies about being demonized by society than actually think-out ways to create good pedo-propaganda to influence society.

Here are 3 rules — the first two I’ve already written about, the third I have yet to write about — for effective, winning pedo-ganda; rules which the pedos are not going to embrace, because too many of them have low IQs:

1) No boylove.

2) No nepiophilia (or really anything below age 7).

3) No grandpa sex.

Of course, you guys are not going to listen to me. After all, I’m not even really one of you. Still, you should at least attempt to understand why I make the points which I make.

The first rule is the most obvious. 95% of society is straight, and mormal men are usually repulsed by gay stuff. So, regardless of your preferred policy, you should not use boylove as propaganda.

Do you understand the difference between “what policy I would like to enact” and “what I should use in my propaganda”? Apparently, the majority of pedos fail to grasp the difference between these two things. They think that if you want X, you need to outright advocate for X. I’m tired of explaining how retarded this thinking is. I’ve explained it a million times already.

The second rule is taking in consideration that people are Blue Knights, and that suggesting sex with very small kids is extremely counterproductive. I don’t give a shit what you, personally, are attracted to. It absolutely doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can convince normal people that some girls develop a sex-drive between the ages of 8 and 9, and that by the age of 10 some of them become quite lustful indeed; if you want to go around and talk about 5-year-old girls, all of society will despise you even more, and you won’t manage to actually persuade people.

Apparently, most pedos are masochists who would rather talk about 5-year-olds than confine themselves to the age bracket (8-10) that can actually be sold to the public. As with boylove, the issue is not what policy you want to see enacted. The issue is what should — or shouldn’t — be used as propaganda. You can convince a normie that some 10-year-olds want to fill their wet pussies with dicks. As someone who has watched CP, I can tell you that this is indeed the case. But you can’t convince the normie that 5-year-olds want that.

The third rule means that you recognize that society is viscerally repulsed by the idea of a bald, wrinkly, obese, ugly 50-year-old man sexually touching a young chick. When you want to convince people that girls are horny (which they are), you need to show that they are attracted to men who are, indeed, plausibly attractive. A grandpa with a head full of white hair, or no hair, is not attractive, and arguing that 10-year-olds want to have sex with such men is abysmally retardd.

Girls basically want to fuck males aged 10 to 40 at most. They do not — generally speaking — want to fuck men older than that, and even if they sometimes do, it makes for very shitty propaganda. No normie wants to imagine a 57-year-old geezer fingerbanging a 7-year-old girl. When trying to show that girls are horny, focus on them seducing men aged 10 to 40. (In particular, focus on them fucking men aged 15 to 25) Do they sometimes seduce older men? Yes – but that makes for bad propaganda, so shouldn’t be emphasized.

“Tom, as a 50-year-old boyloving nepiophile, I hate you.” – irrelevant. I’m trying to help you out by explaining what can and what cannot work. Personally, I have no problem with grandpa-boylove-nepiophilia being legal. But these 3 things make for shitty propaganda, and if combined into a single scenario, make for atrociously shitty propaganda.

Let’s put it thus:

Ideally, you want to show that a 10-year-old female desires to get fucked by men aged 15 to 25. That can make for convincing pedo propaganda.

If, on the other hand, you want to completely sabotage the pedophile movement, you’ll argue that a 5-year-old boy wants to get fucked by his 55-year-old grandpa. Needless to say, this is the most horrible kind of propaganda imaginable. Actually it’s not “needless to say” – someone really needs to say it, which is what I just did.

The first scenario can be sold to the public, if presented in a persuasive manner. The second scenario cannot, under any circumstances, be sold to the public.

I understand that you guys are not going to listen to what I have to say. I understand that you will reject all 3 of these propaganda rules. I understand that you don’t grasp what I’m even trying to do here. I understand that you absolutely reject any true alliance with anti-Feminists, “misogynists,” incels, or just normal men.

I understand that, being a boyloving nepiophile grandpa, you hate me.

Fine, then. I can’t stop you from creating the counterproductive and utterly failing propaganda that you currently create. These 3 hard rules mean nothing to you. I get it. You have either given up on trying to convince normal men, or — more likely — you never wanted to do that in the first place, because you actually enjoy (in a perverse, masochistic way) whining like a toddler about how society “demonizes” you and “misunderstands” you.

I’m tired, gentlemen. I’m tired of explaining to you the difference between “what I personally want to engage in” (apparently that’s sex of the grandpa-boylove-nepiophilia variety) and “what I can use to convince intelligent and open-minded heterosexual men to be on my side” (sex between females aged 10 and males aged 15 to 25).

As I said, if what you were doing was successful, I would not be making such “rules for pedophile propaganda” for ya. I’m doing it because I want to increase the likelihood that you will succeed. “Success” being defined here as the persuasion of large numbers of more-or-less normal men to support your cause.

Do whatever you want with my words. I just hope that those who have the ability to understand, will understand. It’s unfortunate that there aren’t all that many such people.