The subject isn’t exactly directedly related to involuntary celibacy, but is relevant to the overall war against male sexuality.

This old case, which you are about to read about, is not the only one. I’ve read about several such cases in which a woman told a man “stop” during sex, even deliberately doing it in the midst of orgasm, and since it took the man several seconds to stop, that made the man into a “rapist.”

This is the modern sexual morality. This is the morality of 5-seconds-rape. This is puritan-feminist morality.

Md. court expands definition of rape; woman can revoke consent mid-act

The definition of rape just expanded in Maryland, where the highest state court ruled yesterday that a man could be charged with raping a woman who withdrew consent after they started having sex, according to The Sun.

Maouloud Baby was convicted of first-degree rape in December 2004 after jurors heard testimony that the 16-year-old continued having sex with an 18-year-old woman for “about five or so seconds” after she told him to stop.

The conviction had been overturned by lower-level appellate courts, but the Court of Appeals concluded that no means no, regardless of timing.

Again folks – not the only such case.

We are now sentenced to prison because we involuntarily keep thrursting during sex.

Imagine signalling to someone to give you a fist bump, then mid-motion telling them to stop, and then accusing them of assault because they “punched” you – explaining that you are a poor innocent victim of a punch (a “punch-victim” or “punch-survivor,” if you will), since you withdrew your consent for the fist bump and yet they didn’t stop immediately when you told them to stop.

Not a perfect analogy, but that’s pretty much what is happening in such cases.

I support the legalization of rape, and won’t shed a tear if the Feminists who support the ever-intensifying rape legislation end-up inside death camps.

If the Western World is to survive and prosper in the long-term, it must do away with puritan-feminist morality. There has to be a pro-male revival if society is to continue functioning and avoid collapsing.

You can only make America (and the world) great again by legalizing rape.