If a chick is old enough for work and old enough for sex, why not work in sex? And I say: women are ready for both work and sex (and by extension – ready for sexual work) at the age of 8.

Teen prostitutes are better-off than teen factory workers. Their work conditions are decidedly superior in all aspects. They don’t work as hard, and they (will) get paid way better. Less risks of physical injury, and the work itself is more interesting – it’s a new and novel experience every hour. Well, I guess when your customers are regulars, not-such-a-novel-experience-every-hour, but still more pleasant than doing factory work. I actually worked at a factory for a few weeks. Not fun.

Prostitution is the oldest job, and is only illegal due to the puritan-feminist war against male sexuality. Being the oldest job ever, female bodies and female minds have been evolutionarily adapted over dozens of millennia (or even millions of years, if our oogah-boogah ancestors are considered) to engage in prostitution; indeed, that is the job which they are most adapted to, and so they naturally develop the ability to engage in it before — meaning: starting at a younger age — they develop abilities to engage in other occupations. Teenage prostitution is literally the most biologically correct path for females, as they are suited for it and often exclusively for it.

To deny that teenagers are mentally and physically fit to be prostitutes is to be an evolution-denying Young Earth Creationist, or indeed, an evolution-denying Young FLAT Earth Creationist – because the notion that teens can’t into prostitution is contradicted by the entirety of human history and by the fact that even today teenagers quite often grasp all opportunities to do sexy things for money (as well as for free) with both hands.

Teen prostitutes start earlier than old prostitutes (thus gain an advantage), can provide for their families if they happen to have families, and the job is more fun for teens. Being super-horny and super-wet, teens should naturally be drawn to prostitution – which indeed they are. Those who start earlier, learn the “secrets of the trade” before their old competitors, and so can out-compete them not just during the teen years, when naturally the prostitutes are the hottest, but also later in life – they’ll become professionals while other prostitutes will still be at an amateur stage.

If the teen prostitutes have a family — many do not — starting early could allow them to provide for it, while those who start late will have to depend on social charity if they don’t get any other job, and it may take them a while to become so good at the trade they earn enough to provide for their families. Those who start earlier are better-off than those who start late. Plus, prostitution is a dynamic job that teenagers, who are dynamic people, are especially good at.

Teenage prostitution (and, while I’m at it – child prostitution) should be legal for the same reasons regular prostitution should be legal. Think of any pro-regular-prostitution argument, and you’ll see that it applies perfectly too young prostitution too. And indeed, as I postulate, prostitution epitomizes the ideal job for young people.

Teens are hornier, can make better money, and can afford to engage in sterile sex as they still possess many eggs. Also, they don’t always have a family to take care of – so such a dynamic job suits them. Those who are musical naturally tend to musical jobs, those who are artistic naturally tend to artistic jobs, and those who are sexual naturally tend to sexual jobs – and as a whole, teenagers are very sexual. Furthermore, talents — such as they are — appear in one’s childhood or at the latest in one’s early teens, so if one has a natural penchant and talent for sex-work, naturally it will exhibit when she is young; if we allow young people to express their musical and artistic talents, we should also allow them to express their other talents, such as e.g. being a pornstar.

I’ve already written several times about the fact that teenage prostitutes will make way better money than regular ones, and so teenage prostitution will not just be the peak of their own personal career lives – it will also be great for the economy, aka the pedonomy. But yeah, it’s also great for both the customer and the worker herself, who will be able to earn so much money that it will serve her later in life (if she saves some of it), when she won’t be able to ear as much anymore due to fading sexual beauty.

Since teenagers have lots of eggs, their “biological clocks” don’t tick all that very fast, so they can allow themselves to do sterile sex. In contrast, older women’s biological clocks tick like a motherfucker, so they got to stop doing sterile sex and start doing fertile sex. Given that prostitution is (presumably) a sterile kind of sex-job, teens are again found to be better adapted to it than older women who will soon run out of eggs.

It’s a crucial female job, more suited to teens than to older women, and doesn’t require much learning – every teen can do it, unlike complicated jobs. Most of the “careers” that women today engage in require so degree of learning, i.e. filling one’s dumb head with silly useless knowledge. Meanwhile, prostitution is open to everyone – smart teens and dumb teens alike, and doesn’t require years upon years upon years of “studying” to be able to pull it off (as is evidenced by the fact that teenagers indeed do prostitution just fine). Thus, while complicated jobs require one to be relatively old, prostitution, a relatively uncomplicated job, doesn’t require you to be old and to study a lot – again, being young is an advantage, and again, this is just the right job for teenagers, as they can get into it immediately, while other jobs require long years of learning and thus teens cannot engage in them.

Prostitution is an indispensable job, and since a chick doesn’t have to be smart or knowledgeable to work in it, naturally it is suited to young women who have not learned another trade and/or who aren’t smart enough to learn something complicated. Why should a dumb and talentless broad wait —  while earning no money, living off charity or some non-essential jobs — till she is considered an “adult” by society for her to do prostitution, when she can start young and start earning good money already?

Teens often don’t have families which they need to feed, so prostitution — a job that has lots of irregular features to it — naturally fits them, as they don’t need a “stable” job as older people with families to feed do. But then again, if they do have families, prostitution — which gets the money and gets it good, and is not as risky as typically-male jobs — works for them as well.

Prostitution: a teenage job.