The Blue Knights tell us that teenage sex is a crime against humanity on par with nuclear holocaust. If you dare to touch the nipple of a 15-year-old slut, you may as well detonate all the nuclear bombs on Earth and genocide every living entity that exists on this planet, or at least all the highly-evolved entities on this planet.

In fact: a nuclear holocaust is preferable to touching the nipple of a 15-year-old slut, because “child abuse” is definitely the worst thing that can ever be committed. That’s what the Blue Knights believe. Okay, they don’t believe it explicitly, but that is pretty much how their morality functions in practice.

Anyway, I wanted to ask a question: are they down with sexless reproduction of teenagers? I mean, there is no law explicitly against that, right? It’s strictly illegal for a man in his 20s (or older than that) to fuck the 14-year-old schoolyard mattress right in the pussy, but if he jerks off into a tube and then injects it into her pussy and impregnates her, that is not actually illegal, right? Right. The Blue Knights ostensibly are against teenage pregnancy — because they are puritans, puritans, puritans — but they have not made a law banning it.

You can inseminate all the teenagers in town, and if you do so asexually, that is perfectly legal. I suggest to all the Blue Knights who hate-read this blog to (first of all) fuck off, and (secondly) consider making it illegal to inseminate a 14-year-old skank in a non-sexual manner. Because you see Knighties: there is a blatant inconsistency in your worldview. If you wanna argue that it’s wrong to fuck teenage sluts in the pussy because — among the other arguments which you make — teenage pregnancy is a “no-no,” then even before illegalizing sexual relations with teenagers, which don’t necessarily even lead to pregnancy, you should make it illegal to impregnate them.

You (Blue Knight faggots) say: “teenagers just aren’t fertile enough and there are complications and so forth.” Well then, that should be the focus of your activism – curbing teenage pregnancy by making it illegal. I mean, if I anally fuck a 12-year-old in her little anus — something which I fantasize about occasionally, and for which I am not sorry and will never fucking be sorry — then that has nothing to do with muh pregnancy rates, right? Sure, accidents can happen, but generally, if your problem is dem preg-rates, you need to address dem preg-rates by officially forbidding them.

See where I’m going with this, fag-fags? Can you grasp-grasp what I say-say, puritans?