Fearing the prospect that a chick may turn out to be “underage,” any man’s “safest best” is to go after an obviously and clearly very old woman. As such, the criminalization of teenage sexuality directly benefits the sexual interest of the old femihags. In other words, when men stay away even from legal chicks (due to a fear that they may be illegal), the femihags win.

Reminder that the femihags oppose “child pornography” because through it men can see what they are missing out on – which is, incidentally, same reason why the femihags oppose all pornography. The hags don’t want men to see that there are women who are evidently much more sexually appealing than they are, and so they seek to restrict men’s access to more and more types of pornography – be it CP, porn with certain sex acts, porn featuring this type of women or that type of women; the force known as puritanism-feminism always looks for more ways to criminalize male sexuality, under whatever pretexts it may find. This force is significantly driven by the primal and lowly female emotion of envy.

Essentially, the cause behind these older and androgenized women’s persistent tendency to “act as a bloc” for their particular interests is rooted in their intense feelings of envy towards more sexually attractive women, which — as we should all recognize — are younger women (teenager) as well as women who make a conscious effort to be sexually appealing to men (porn actresses).

I once named the 4 forces behind modern anti-sexual legislation, which are: 1) explicitly Feminist doctrine as concocted by the academicians; 2) the prevalence of a Puritan-derived worldview; 3) the State seeking to increase its power versus the citizenry; 4) and old women being mighty jealous of young women. In my view, these 4 different forces are about equally influential in establishing the current status quo in which male sexuality is criminalized systematically. This latter force may not have received its due attention by people seeking to analyse sources behind the Feminist venom, but some of our best thinkers have addressed it. It may seem silly that women are driven by such a base emotion to advocate for the policies which have been formulated on their behalf, yet that’s what we are dealing with – silly women and the spineless men who appeal to them for power.

The way to overcome female jealousy is to restrict the power of women via the establishment of a patriarchy. No other efficient method to deal with the civilization-wide menace.