I have more in common with a 12-year-old slut than with a 32-year-old slut. Evidence? I am very horny and so is the 12-year-old slut, whereas the 32-year-old slut is not even really a slut anymore, and doesn’t even think about sex all that much, because she is boring and her stupid brain is rotten.

All the freshest and best things in life are in your teenage years, and if that is not the case these days, that is because society has brutally infantilized teens and made all aspects of their normal and healthy lives into illegal things. When being a teenager is legal (today it’s not), you get to experience the best things in the most intense and tremendous way. One’s 20s are inferior to one’s 10s, and one’s 30s are inferior to one’s 20s, etc etc., and generally youngism is superior to oldism.

(Nathan Larson’s article here is totally wrong. The only reason people today disparage their youth is because modern youth has been deprived of all the good things, and is only filled with the bad things. Plus, society is using shaming and so on, and teens are prone to heed that stuff, but that is a problem with society and not with age itself)

So, the issue is that a 12-year-old female is a woman, a full adult in my view, and it’s only natural that I should relate to her more strongly than I relate to stupid and boring 32-year-olds, because everything in her is in the best condition: she (the 12-year-old) is at her most sexual years, her most intellectually curious years, her most fun and funny years, her most playful and engaging years, her most life-enjoying and adventurous years, her most open-minded years, her most personality-wise nice years, her most feminine years, her most delicate years, her most physically beautiful years, her most energetic years, and all that.

In sharp contrast, at the age of 32 she’s just a dry slag, and as we all know: “men age like wine, women age like milk.” I want the feshest milk, not the sour and spoiled stuff that hags in their 30s have to “offer.” Of course, the message in modern society is just the opposite: modern society tells us that 12-year-olds are not interesting, while MILFs are the best. This is nonsensical crap. We enjoy the company of 12-year-olds exactly because they are eager to learn new things, are humble relative to older wenches, are feminine in a natural and unspoiled way, and make for a good companion. A 32-year-olds woman is “opinionated,” believes that she is “strong and independent,” feels entitled to everything, is career-focused, has fortoggen what it’s like to be really horny, is no longer feminine because she has spent 2.5 decades in the company of men in the workforce, and is overall a bitch who perceives her value to be sky-high when in fact it’s rapidly diminishing. She has received so much validation from men that she cannot behave in non-cuntish ways. Whereas, a 12-year-olds is natural and interesting, plus they give the most enthusiastic blowjobs, because it’s all so new and fresh and exciting for them.

12-year-olds are exciting and (still) gentle. 20 years afterwards, they are no-good. The head of a 32-year-old is full of nonsense and a sense of entitlement; she believes that she “has smart opinions” when in fact she’s just a dumb bitch. Meanwhile, a 12-year-old doesn’t yet possess such conceits – she knows what her limitations are, she still retains the knowledge that the sun doesn’t shine out of her (admittedly very sexy) ass, and yet she is eager to do fun, fun, fun things all the time – and will have a naturally feminine grace till she hits 16, 4 years later, when that feminine grace begins fading and the female gradually starts transmogrifying into a stinking piece of shit.

I hate old women. There is nothing fun about them at all. They have no fun in them, they have none of the youthful sexual energy that teenagers possess, yet despite being inferior in all conceivable ways, old women — having been told all throughout their far-too-long-lives that they are “smart” and “deserve this” and “deserve that” and that men should be interested in their stupid time-consuming braincell-destroying “studies” or “careers” — believe that they are the hottest shit in town.

You really aren’t, slag-hags. You really aren’t. You’re just bitches who’ve sucked and swallowed all too many bullshit into your brains (you have also sucked and swallowed other things, amirite?) while gradually losing every single shred of your former energy, your youthful vivacity, your curiosity about the world, your delicate femininity, your humbleness, your coolness, your desire to do fun for fun’s sake, your excitement, your spontaneity, your romantic intensity, and your adventurism. You are boring and dumber than when you were teenagers. There is literally nothing interesting about you. You’re neither sexy nor fun personality-wise.

Swallow a fucking bullet, hags.