The thing about the Blue Knights and their Puritan-Feminist worldview is that they are completely oblivious to the in-real-life concrete results of the policies which they advocate for and enact. One such result, of course, is that criminalization of CP (which is 90% self-made and is produced by teenage couples) leads to an infinite number of men being sent to jail for possessing an erotic image or an erotic video or an erotic audio of their own girlfriend, with whom they are often legally allowed to have sex.

Take the case of Corey Walgren – the guy merely had an audio of his girlfriend moaning, and the police have intimidated him so much because of it (after all – it’s “CP”) that he committed suicide. The “pro-white” alt-righters, who are pussy-faggot weakling cowards, don’t give a shit about the fact that this white male has committed suicide due to the very puritanism which they themselves enthusiastically support – but I do care about such cases very strongly.

When they say that they want to make all porn illegal, what they have not considered is that it’s incredibly impractical, as the reality of the matter is that the majority of porn nowadays is made by amateurs. If the alt-right pussy-faggots get what they ask for, it will become evident to everyone that porn is an amateur thing and that it’s not a realistic idea to make it illegal – and that applies to 18+ and to 18- pornography alike.  Perhaps, then, as I’ve suggested before in here, the illegalization of all porn will eventually lead to a legalization of all porn.

Because the thing is, once you start hunting after “sinister pixels,” there is no end to this endeavor; and while the police — who are above the law, eating donuts while watching CP as they do — like it that the law can be applied infinitely against all citizens, this is a recipe for social disaster, and society simply can’t function for long when virtually all citizens are “serious sexual offenders.” It is our task as Male Sexualists to shine the light on the fact that sex-crime legislation is at root impractical, immoral, detrimental to men and to society, and at absolute odds with inherent human nature.

This blog may appear repetitive, but it’s very vital to drive home the point that what the Blue Knights demand, and indeed what they are so busy defending like the bunch of crooked shills that they are, is a mega-Orwellian nightmarish tyranny that is pozzed to the bone and that is destructive to male interests. It must be shown that male sexuality is an integral part of genuine and healthy masculinity, and that the illegalization of male sexuality is part of the war against male nature which sissified males and the mutant dykes whom they so loyally serve have been engaged in for over a century.

It must be shown and demonstrated unequivocally to our enemies that what they ask for cannot be achieved, and that any attempt on their part to achieve it will result in a tyranny more oppressive than they can even contemplate – and that they themselves will be annihilated and extirpated in a world such as they ask to usher in. When all porn is illegal, every single man and most women will become serious sexual criminals – and you know what? Perhaps the Blue Knights and alt-righters should live in such a society for some time, to get a taste of what it’s like to live under a tyranny that is 6,000,000% anti-male and anti-sex. Let them learn the lessons the hard way, I say!