In the future, people’s brains will be implanted with special memory-cells that will allow them to remember everything. Presumably, they will be implanted with the memory-cells when they are kids, so that they will grow-up remembering all their childhood experiences in vivid detail.

That should give us all hope, because when people’s brains register all their childhood memories in a powerful database of memories, they will remember just how horny they were as children and as teenagers (i.e. young adults), and then they will likely be very open-minded about pedo-legalization. As they will reflect on the fact that they desired to bang hot chicks even as prepubescents, or had dripping wet pussies since the age of 10 onward, or have been masturbating since kindergarten or even earlier than kindergarten, people — male and female alike — will realize that the criminalization of young sexuality is unnatural and out-of-sync with rhe way people actually are.

As supporters of the abolition of the AOC, we should welcome with enthusiasm the transhumanist future. Turns out that becoming robots will, ironically, make us all the more human. And isn’t that what Male Sexualism all about – aligning society with humanity’s inherent (sexual) interests? Well then, if implanting baby-brains with chips is how it’s done, then I personally am going to vehemently support such a policy. I want to see baby-brains full of menmonic tools of various kinds. In fact, I am generally on-board with morally dubious scientific experimentation on humans and animals alike, because fuck you, that’s why.

Seriously though. The future may hold the key to pedo-legalization, if a technology which will allow people to remember their childhoods well will be invented. That is a thing that should be supported. Having the ability to remember everything is helluva fun overall, and in particular will benefit us politically. See – just as we need to think out about technologies that our enemies may use to oppress us in the future, we should also consider what technologies will exist which will be good for the ideals of Male Sexualism.

Memory chips is where it’s at.