Women usually have female friends and a wide social network, and these female friends are often single, or themselves have female friends who are single. That means that when you are connected to one woman, e.g. by being her spouse or even by being her platonic (friendzoned) friend, you may gain access to plenty of single women who are connected to the woman that you are connected to.

Essentially, what that boils down to is that women should be tasked with match-making. They seem to have a talent for it, which is a significant thing in my view, because women are generally talentless sacks of shit. So, if there is at least one good things which they are capable of, they should be doing it – and I believe that the making of the matches is something that women can do to successfully contribute to society.

There aren’t many things that women are naturally good at. They are good as housewives, prostitutes, nannies, care-givers, and things like that. Not a lot of jobs which they are suited for. But this right here is something that they can do to solve the incel problem. Obviously, collectively women need to spread their legs to incels and therevy turn them into non-incels. But a woman who is monogamously married, who gets fuck by hubby every night, can still help-out the incels by introducing them to her single female friends and so on. Or, y’know, ask her friends if they know somebody.

In a traditional society, which one day may become the norm in the world, it should be made clear that women should either work as match-makers officially, or be obligated to make the matches non-officially, in their spare time (of which there is an ample lot). Let their “talent,” such as it is, be utilized in a way that benefits male sexuality. Certainly, tasking women with match-making is better than employing them in whatever jobs they are employed in nowadays. I say, in addition to the housewife and the prostitute, there should be the match-maker.

Obviously, that necessitates a degree of monogamy in society. If society is polygamous, a match-maker will send all the women to Chad (“Chad” being the archetype of the alpha male; I don’t mean the African country named “Chad”), and you — the blue balled incel who is reading this post — will be as incel then as you are now.

In order to help you, society needs to be monogamous. That is the ideal structure. I made that point plenty of times, but having low-IQ, you persistently fail to grasp why it is that when society is approximately 50% male and 50% female, it is better for everyone that there is monogamy. I guess you hope to get several women in your ideal future, rather than realizing that polygamy will result in you being an incel.

Man, you are dumb as bricks.