Daily reminder:

If you tell a 15-year-old slut through the internet to masturbate her clit, it is considered that you have committed a literal child-molestation.

Blue Knightism is a voodooist proclivity. It is wholly superstitious and illogical, stemming from the prudish conceptions which people hold in their minds. The notion that you have literally “molested” an internet-whore without actually even physically touching her at all, simply by talking to her through the internet — and often with “her” actually being the police, meaning that “she” is not even a real entity — is sheer lunacy, but people are unwilling to oppose it, because people are cowards who are afraid of being called mean names for speaking out against the criminalization of male sexuality.

It is proper to call modern society a “Shamanate” or “Shamanocracy,” because the laws in modern society are laws made by shamans, quacks, witch-doctors, sorcerers, wizards, alchemists, necromancers, magi, enchanters, and warlocks. If you stop thinking about the rulers of modern society as serious, intellectual, and rational people, and start thinking about them as the voodoo-workers that they are, you’d have a better time understanding why things look the way they do.

And remember, the fact that many people fall for modern quackery is no evidence that it isn’t quackery, indeed, just the opposite, the masses more often than not are sheeple who follow superstitions because it “feels good.”

In this case, the people who support the ever-intensifying criminalization of male sexuality simply “feel good” about penalizing men for voodoo-crimes, because it makes them feel like they are “good people” who stand on the side of “goodness.” It is nothing but hocus-pocus rooted in a misandric type of hyper-moralism.