Coming out with anti-pedo pronouncements is the easiest thing one can possibly do. Literally there is nothing one loses by speaking against “the pedophiles.” Denouncing pedophilia is the surest way to signal one’s own holiness and purity among almost all groups of people, whether it’s right-wingers or left-wingers of whatever shade and whatever predilection.

An argument in favor of pedophilia, in other words, is the most unpopular stance to take – and it takes balls to take it!

To all the pussy-faggot cowards (Blue Knights) reading this blog: take a look at yourselves, you dumb fucks. You all know quite well that the message of this blog and of this movement is at root a correct message; you guys don’t actually buy your own victimological bullshit, Blue Knights, and your whiny agitation comes across as half-baked and unenthusiastic, since you know that you are full of shit. You lack vigor because you don’t fight for the truth – you fight for social status.

So, as you Blue Knights look at yourselves, think about how weak your personalities are – you wouldn’t dare to ever speak out in favor of young sexuality, because you are herd animals who only care about what other people (i.e. other cowardly idiots) think of you. It’s so utterly pathetic, the Blue Knight adherence to herd norms at all costs. Blue Knights are never the most intelligent individuals, just as they are never the most brave or the most talented – Blue Knights are nobodies, who rely on social shaming to achieve their feminized ends, since social shaming is what they themselves almost solely respond to.

Nothing is easier than engaging in Blue Knightism. There are no risks for it, only rewards. You get your brownie points and get to feel oh-so-moral for taking the romantical stances which you take. You get your backs patted by ugly women with low sex-drives. That’s what your shitty lives are like, Blue Knights. Most of you are not having fun in your sexual lives, you are miserable, but you don’t have the testicular fortitude to fight against this state of affairs and support the policies which are necessary to fix the problems – instead, you merely parrot unthinkingly the Feminist talking points about “sex abuse” and all that. You lack an inner power of resistance.

In the modern political landscape, all political groups which aren’t explicitly pro-pedo are anti-pedo, and they accord their members status points for signalling against pedophilia. In this sense, pedophilia is the ultimate and most “hardcore” radicalism – it takes someone who couldn’t care less about his reputation to come out and effectively defend the pedos. Men who are White Knights and Blue Knights, and women who are conformists (basically all women), can never muster enough courage to say: pedophilia should be legal. These are sissified people.

In a sense, our movement — Male Sexualism — selects for people who are both courageous and who don’t care all that much about social status. And that’s a good thing, because groundbreaking political movements require just these kinds of people. We shall win.