Or: If Pedophilia Were Legal, There Would Actually be Less Opposition to The Surveillance State

Let’s help out the spooks, shall we?

Being anti-spook is easy enough (unless you’re assassinated or digitally disrupted, in which case, it’s not easy at all!); it takes a true unhinged maniac like yours truly to come out with a pro-spook agenda that is actually persuasive and can effectively reach its intended audience. And as far as maniacs go, truly I am the most maniacal of them all. Let me then proceed with my little — really, it’s a short argument in this post — proposition that’s friendly to them agents.

Basically, you — agent Smith — travel from land to land, from region to region; and it’s hard enough for you to maintain a normal family life. You definitely know TFW no GF. You have to endure periods of sexlesness every now and then. Sure, you can fuck colleagues and pull off other kinds of tricks; but ultimately, you do suffer from dry spells. You really do.

Here’s my suggestion for you, agent Smith: become a Male Sexualist. We will make jailbaits legal (you know you love those), and we will also make prostitution absolutely legal. You’d greatly benefit from our policies. When prostitution is legal across the world, you wouldn’t have to carry the blue balls with you on your missions; you could just go to a legal prostitute with no risks attached. Thus, agent Smith, it’s simply in your rational self-interest to support our movement, especially our enthusiasm for legalizing sex-for-money. Making prostitution legal and easily available is a sure method to make your own life that much easier. You want there to be brothels. Heck, legalized brothels can likely aid you in your missions and such.

In fact, the legalization of all sex will benefit you on many different levels. Let’s talk about pedophilia. Attraction to young people is the primary reason that people download TOR. It will always exist and always persist. And you know – it’s not like you need to illegalize it for you to be allowed to spy on everyone; you already spy on everyone. SIGNIT units are doing quite well these days, don’t they?

The less people have to hide, the easier it is for you to spy on everyone. It’s just the way it is. You don’t want people to form conspiracies – you want them to be out in the open doin g their thing. The legalization of all sex is one sure way to achieve that result. I stringly believe that lots of people are motivated to be anti-surveillance because they are pedos and generally horny. I mean, I personally would not be nearly as obsessed as I am with surveillance were it legal to e.g. watch CP. People are reluctant to allow you to spy on us because people have “dark” things to hide. To be pro-pedo is, under the current conditions, to be anti-surveillance. But it doesn;t have to be that way. When pedo-sex is legal, then it will take the winds out of the sails of anti-surveillance, to a large extent.

That is something that I am doing here in my activism – I convince pedos to be anti-surveillance, so as to prompt the de-criminalization of our sexuality, so that the enthusiasm behind anti-surveillnace would fade. If people become vehemently anti-spook because they don’t want you to interfere with their sexuality, it’s better for you to stop interfering with their sexuality – you’ll gain lots of intelligence that way, and will reduce the opposition to yourselves.

What say you, Smith?