It’s not just that “objectification” is a thing that mysteriously “happens to coincide” with the way in which our sexuality works; it was invented in the first place in order to cast our sexuality in a negative light.

You don’t hear complains about “objectification” when people appreciate (and seek to be gratified by) a singer for his or her singing, or a sportsman for his performance, or an actor or actress for their performance, or a dancer for his or her performance, or a service-giver for his or her service, or a random acquaintance who’s into telling jokes for his superior sense of humor, and so on and so forth; you only hear the femihags and their male puppies whining about “objectification” when it comes to us men cherishing the sexual beauty of women.

This is not a new point, but what may be new here is the realization that the very concept of “objectification” was meant to de-legitimize our natural and healthy sexuality right from the beginning. It is a Cultural Marxist idea invented by Feminists specifically to assault our sexuality. There was and there is nothing else to it; it is a relatively “long word” so people may think that there is an intellectual weight behind it, whereas in reality there simply is none – it’s more of the same voodooist gibberish discussed in the previous post.

Essentially, what this post and the previous one point to is the fact that modern society is one based on mumbo-jumbo ideas that are disconnected from any kind of realism. Meaning, it’s all scholastic tinkering with concepts that have no actual relation to the real world, or worse, are deliberately intended to obfuscate reality by replacing real words that convey concrete meanings with nasty Fake Words. “Objectification” is a Fake Word that is based on forming an artificial negative emotional-association between our sexual desires and “exploitation” or some such.

It’s post-modernist (i.e. meaningless) hokum.