The very notion that “forced sex” is a negative thing is rooted in a civilization-wide catladyism that has wholly taken over. And it is my contention that White Knights, whose sissy-heels forever who dance to the tunes played by various bitches, are indistinguishable from political trannies. They have trans-formed themselves into “women” by adopting female-typical thought-processes and a female-typical mindset, plus they’re in possession of a corresponding feminized worldview – which is Puritanism-Feminism.

I’ve called these people before for being the “Catladies in Male Form” which they are, but that denunciation isn’t nearly harsh enough; in fact they are political trannies. Our enemies are trannies, folks – that is the thing that they actually are lol.

Our White Knight and Blue Knight enemies are people who have adopted the mentality of the opposite sex i.e. the female sex. They promote female interests, they think like women, they feel like women, they are as emotion-driven as women, and they usually adhere to a worldview that is so gynocentric — so centered around women and their solipsistic quest to parasitically subdue all of society to their feminine political objectives — that really, the only difference between them (the Knights) and actual real women is that the former are more competent, in much the same way that tranny runners run faster than actual women.

When I say that we are living in an emotocracy, I mean an emotocracy that is fully in-line with female emotionalism. Because after all, we men also have emotions, but our emotions don’t normally result in catladyism – in fact, just the opposite. We are ruled by catladies because the men who influence modern society have all become feminized completely. Nowhere is it more manifest than in the modern obsession with “non-consensual sex.”

As men, we have no reason and no natural inclination to give a flying fuck about whether or not a sex act is “consensual.” What ought to interest us, and what historically has interested us, is whether or not a sex act is good for the family and for society. “Raping” one’s own wife has always been legal because that’s good for the family that sex occurs within marriage, and “raping” a promiscuous slut-whore has also been legal because if she ain’t anyone’s property, then she’s fair game for the fundamental sexual interests of all men.

That men in modern society give a rat’s ass at all about “consent” shows that men in modern society have adopted a gynocentric type of sexual morality. “Consent” is something that women naturally care about as it allows them to be sexually selective and, perhaps more importantly, allows them to rule all of society by restricting access to their pussies in accordance with their own female interests. That men now care about “consent” shows that men have been tranny-fied.

Anti-rape is codeword for anti-male, and that men these days are busy fighting “sexual crimes” goes to show how far the feminization of men has gone in society. Political trannyism is the name of the contemporary game, and it’s nigh time to call out our Knightist enemies for being political transsexuals who push a sexual morality that is anathema to male interests, which incidentally are the interests of civilization. The more they push “anti-sex-crime” and “pro-consent” legislation and norms, the more they reveal themselves to be unconcerned with male interests.

I gave the examples of “marital rape” and “slut rape,” but really all of the modern sex-crime fixation is rooted in political trannyism. Men have no reason, evolutionary or otherwise, to care about any of the categories of “sex crime.” It is women who use the notion of “sexual crimes” to control society, and insofar as some men — lamentably all too many such cases — follow that ideological script, those utterly gynocentric Knightist men may as well get rid of their own genitalia, inject themselves with estrogen, and start crossdressing downtown (because they’re trannies).