What the people talking about the issue never mention is that the dress codes confirm that pubescents are sexually attractive.

As a society we wouldn’t be asking chicks aged 12 to 17 to avoid dressing (undressing) like strippers if they were not sexually attractive to normal regular non-pedophile men. We ask them to be a tiny bit modest, because we are all sexually attracted to them.

By the way. The Femiloonies say: “asking me to not dress like a stripper is sexualizing my body – and that hurts my self esteem and thus my performance in school is weakened.”

What our response to that lunacy should be is: “who cares about your self esteem, bitch?” Because really, the Feminist argument is insane, and doesn’t merit any response other than absolute derision.

But in case you need it explained to you: if your self esteem is based on being told that you aren’t a sexual entity despite the evident fact that you are one, it’s better that you don’t have any self esteem whatsoever.

Generally, the “self esteem” bullshit is rooted in womanish insanity. Your ‘sense of self worth’ is nobody else’s business but yours, and it’s you who should deal with this personal issue and not society.

Saying: “if I don’t get to behave anti-socially and disruptively, that will hurt my self-esteem” is madness, and the fact people today tolerate this bullshit is very deplorable.

It’s like if you take a shower in the sewerage, then try to enter a fancy restaurant with excrement and piss all over you, then when told: “sorry mate, we can’t let you in because holy shit what’s going on with you,” cry that mean people hurt your self esteem and that this makes you unable to enjoy life and you want to commit suicide.

In that case, you really should An Hero.

By the way. Why do the same people (progressives) who preach that “teenage sex is a horrible thing” then go on to advocate for instituting “sex ed” in schools? Seems like a bit of an inconsistency, isn’t it? Possibly, some proggies don’t fully buy their own victimological nonsense.