For Your Opposition to Pedophilia, You Deserve Having no Free Speech

The alt-righters always complain that the Left is stifling their speech. They have no right to complain – they themselves seek to restrict the speech of pedophiles. They support the criminalization of sexual documentation (pornography or “child pornography”) and of the exchange of sexual information. They support shutting us down. So, as far as I’m concerned, they have no right to complain about their own speech being taken away from them. Let them feel how we feel.

Child Porn is More Pro-Social Than Regular Porn

It is more healthy for society to recognize teenagers as sexual beings, as that may lead to increased teenage sex (which is good, because teenage sexlessness is driving society insane), increased teenage reproduction (which will overall be healthier – fewer mutations, and probably increased TFR as people who start reproducing earlier reproduce more), and increased teenage marriage (thus strengthening the crumbling institution of the family – more families, and more likely to last longer than families that start out later when both sides are already jaded and carry emotional baggage).

The ‘sexualization’ of teenagers is thus the most healthy thing for the long-term interests of society, and much healthier than ‘sexualization’ of old people, who should have started having sex, a family, and children while they were teenagers.

Delayed marriage, delayed (or no) reproduction, and teenage sexlessness, are 3 things that are killing the modern society. The recognition that teens are sexual entities, and generally that teens are adults, which recognition may spread through the legalization of CP, is vital for the health of society. CP must be legalized, and it’s way more beneficial than regular porn.

Legalization of Child Pornography is Goal #1

It is the first goal, because once everyone in society has seen that teenagers are sexual entities, everything else (abolition of AOC, etc.) will naturally follow. That is why TPTB are so zealous about hunting down CP – they know that its spread will bring about a revolution in sexual morality, as people who have seen (and fapped to) videos of pubescent schoolgirls enthusiastically and excitedly doing wild orgies with various men will no longer think that teens are asexual; the support for a reduction or a total abolition of the AOC will rapidly ensue. That is what the system is so afraid of.