The criminalization of young sexuality results from the Puritan-Feminist instinct of female-protection. AOC legislation is a reflection of the Puritan-Feminist endeavor to prevent men from having sexual relations with young women. The perception of women as the angelic victims of demonic men serves as the impetus behind, and fuels, the emergence of Blue Knight morality.

A protection of boys qua boys from pederasts has never been the real issue. Blue Knightism is merely a (very specific) extension of White Knightism, which is the instinct to “defend” females. Yes, Blue Knightism is applied to males too – but it doesn’t stem from an instinct to protect males; it is rooted in White Knightism. With males, the issue has more to do with opposition to homosexuality in general, and less with any victimological conception of males.

This is an important observation, because it suggests that it is male-female relations that need to undergo a radical transformation away from their current Puritan-Feminist state of affairs and into a fundamentally Patriarchal or pro-male one, and that the abolition of Blue Knightism will ensue therefrom.

Indeed, society is still age-realist enough about males to know that when a young male student has sexual relations with his female teacher, he is not really a victim. It’s the opposite sort of scenario that evokes the most intense outpouring of Blue Knight sentiments. Blue Knightism is White Knightism in disguise. “The female as a victim” is at the core of both instincts, and upon close examination, White Knightism and Blue Knightism are barely distinguishable; in a sense, Blue Knightism is but a subset of White Knightism.

Blue Knightism does not really exist independently of White Knightism, and a person who is fully immune to the one can probably be redpilled about the other issue, too. Puritanism-Feminism is the worldview used to rationalize both instincts, albeit Puritan-Feminists often do not identify as either Puritans or Feminists; yet there is no better term to characterize the morality that combines the two impulses (which, as noted, cannot always be told apart) of White Knightism and Blue Knightism into a single coherent moral framework.

In conclusion: without White Knightism, Blue Knightism would not have developed to the extent it has, and most likely, would not exist at all. Hence, White Knightism is the more severe problem.